Equipment You Need in Order to Remove a Tree

It is always a good idea to have tree removal performed by a professional as it is an extremely hazardous procedure. In order to cut a tree efficiently and safely, tree service specialists operate with special equipment. Today we have prepared a list of the basic tools which are necessary for felling a tree.

  1. Chainsaw – It can be extremely difficult to remove a tree without a quality chainsaw. Chainsaws are two main types: the first ones are powered by gas and the other type is powered by electricity. Gas-powered chainsaws offer greater mobility, but with them it is hard to calculate the correct ratio of oil and gas. Gas chainsaws have the following drawbacks: they are not environmentally-friendly and they are more expensive, as you have to pay the gas for their operation in addition to the equipment in general. Electric chainsaws do not have this problem but may require an extension cord to reach the tree which is to be removed. This can transform into a big problem if there is no access to an electrical outlet near enough. The prices of chainsaws may vary, depending on how powerful they are. There are some very inexpensive models, which are priced $150 but they cannot be used or taking down large trees. The prices of the more powerful chainsaws range between $300 and $400, so this is the amount you should be ready to pay, if you want to buy your personal equipment instead of renting it from a tree removal company.
  2. Rope – Rope is also needed to safely pull down the sections of the tree you have cut.
  3. Axe – If the tree is rotten or very small, an axe will be enough to remove it.
  4. Tree cutting wedges – In combination with an axe and chainsaw, tree felling wedges make the process or removing a tree much easier.
  5. Safety gear – Regardless of whether you have used a chainsaw or an axe to knock down a tree you have to be well protected. A hard hat, eye and ear protection, work boots, work gloves and some other specific items are needed for this purpose.
  6. High well-secured ladder – When the tree you want to remove is tall or near obstacles, it will have to be roped down. To reach the higher parts of such tree you will need a ladder.
  7. First aid kit – A first aid kit is a must have item, in case of a minor accident or an emergency.

Some other pieces of tree removal equipment include stump grinders, bucket trucks, and chippers, but they are recommended for professional use only. If amateur DIY enthusiasts use them there will be extremely high chances that they injure themselves. This is why if you need help with all types of tree felling tasks you can contact the professional stuff of Great Alaska Tree Company, of Fairbanks, AK.