A Few Things You Should Know About Tree Removal

When it comes to tree removal, the first thing you should do is hire an experienced and certified tree expert to provide you with the sound advice you deserve. Cutting down a tree can be a costly project, and you certainly don’t want to give your hard earned money to just anyone, who is looking to make a quick profit. A reputable and well-established tree company will usually have all the equipment and tools, as well as all the insurance required, to perform the tree removal procedure in a safe and efficient manner.
There are a number of reasons why trees should be removed. These typically include the following situations:

  1. When the tree is too close to the house or any other structure. We, at Great Alaska Tree Company, of Fairbanks, AK often see branches and limbs that rub against the house and the roofing, destroying gutters, tiles, as well as siding. This can lead to extensive and costly repair projects.
  2. When the tree’s roots are cracking foundations, heaving up driveways, or getting into water or sewer pipes. Some types of trees have very aggressive root systems. They will seek out any water source, damaging foundations or any other obstacle that challenges their journey.
  3. When the wind keeps crashing the tree branches. When trees start dropping larger limbs during rain, wind, or snow storms, it is usually an indication that the branches are either too long and weak, or the tree is hazardously rotting on the inside. If the tree is over the driveway, sidewalk, play area, or your house, it is crucial that you have it checked by a professional.
  4. When the tree is dead, dying or infested. Dead trees in your landscape are unsightly, dangerous, and can harbor insects. The sooner you replace that tree with a new, healthy one, the better.
  5. When the tree needs to be removed to allow for new construction.
  6. When view clearance is desired.

Tree removal can be a very dangerous, risky, and expensive endeavor. When hiring a tree contractor to inspect, care for, or remove your trees, please be sure that they are experienced, licensed, insured, and certified. Actually, you can save money by using a professional, who knows how to remove a tree in a safe, efficient, and timely manner, It is also paramount that they have the tools to perform the procedure right, first time.